donderdag 15 december 2011

The second part of the d100 forest table.

Right. It's been a while.

Here's the second part of the D100-occurrences-in-a-weird-forest-table. And a link to download it as a pdf.

51. One of the pc’s grandfather (possibly deceased) sits on a tree stump, asking the pc’s if anyone is up for a game of chess. Grandfather might be an undead creature.
52. One of the pc’s grandfather sits on a tree stump, asking the pc’s if anyone is up for a game of chess. Game is easily won, as the old man is quite demented.
53. Cabin is found, no people, but it looks like everything is recently left behind. Burning fireplace, warm food, etc.
54. Woman imprisoned, claims to be princess, doesn’t seem to know her country had fallen centuries ago.
55. Impossibly old knight errant, unable to fulfill final quest.
56. Humanoid boars busy with dark ritual.
57. Dark young of Shub-Niggurath.
58. Bats with human-heads.
59. A family of laughing deer is seen in a clearing. Laughing deer can tell someone’s fortune if enticed to eat from one’s hand.
60. Magical beast’s blood can transform metal into substance which isn’t as hard as metal and looks like grayish water.
61. Deer seems to be normal until it stands upright, removes hooves to reveal hands.
62. Deserted tent. No traces of anything else.
63. Trees with strange bulges. If bulges are cut open, they reveal roots feeding on bodies.
64. Magic man. Huge jerk.
65. Skeletal humanoid on skeletal horse slumps ever onward.
66. Delusional water nymph hands out rubbish quests.
67. Alongside the river tiny towers made of rocks are found.
68. A baby is found crying in the woods. Probably trickster fey.
69. An actual baby is found crying in the woods.
70. At night, a fox rummages through belongings, goes off with paper, ink and pen.
71. The wind demands a race. Will probably win, can be outwitted.
72. Forest hag looks different to all viewers.
73. Forest hag captures pc, demands hair of royalty for release.
74. Horn dangles from tree. If blown, a knight in green fights the one who blows.
75. Drunken man builds rubbish shelter, claims to be the best at survival.
76. Most excellent forest party, if participating; save or party forever.
77. Corpse is hanged from highest branch of tree.
78. Corpse is hanged from highest branch of tree, is actually ghoul.
79. Person shaped crevices found in cliff side.
80. When hunting, an animal is felled with a face on it’s body where a face doesn’t belong.
81. Overgrown ruins. Ruins look suspiciously a lot like a known city.
82. Fire elemental looking for a human bride/groom.
83. Man offers services. Asks for no compensation.
84. Well. If drank from, lips turn grey.
85. Procession of creatures worshipping the frog god.
86. Half mummified monk busy on pilgrimage.
87. Ghoul busy with eating it’s own lower half, glueing itself stuck to a rock with saliva.
88. A drunk man has a prophecy involving the pc’s, but he’s too drunk to make sense of. When sober, he doesn’t remember anything.
89. Upon waking up, the pc’s find a fly trapped in a jar at their feet.
90. When standing in moonlight everything looks different.
91. Insects are attracted to one of the pc’s.
92. After drinking from a certain well, the pc’s have strange cravings.
93. A cube of flesh lies on the path.
94. If a squirrel is skinned, writing on the inside of the skin is noticeable.
95. In a part of the forest the seasons are mixed up.
96. Skulls, skulls, skulls.
97. Some animals’ bones are made of wood.
98. There’s a well. Any skin/flesh or organs contacting the water disintegrate. Only bone remains. Everything still functions. Also known as the Fountain of Looking Totes Rad.
99. Troll wants to know what you think of his rubbish poem.
100. Mushroom. If eaten replaces nails with teeth over the course of 2d10 days.

woensdag 3 augustus 2011

ConstantCon 2011: Gamma World: Punch Dracula

Alright, tuesday august 9, GMT 18:00 and PST 10:00 I will be running a short Gamma World (7th ed.) adventure via google+. 4 players.

The pitch is that a charismatic, pale, cloaked and mysterious stranger just kidnapped the hottest babes and dudes of your post-apocalyptic village. And now you're mad, because:
A. That charismatic, pale, cloaked and mysterious stranger just kidnapped the hottest babes and dudes.
B. That implies you're not hot enough for him. What gives.

Create a 4th level character using this automatic sheet, just set level at 4, pick an armor and weapon (melee and ranged) type (light is good for high Int/Dex, heavy is good for high Str/Con).
Think about what you are, what you look like and what your weapons are. I will provide your powers at the start of the game.

If you want to play: I can be contacted on bennetakkerman (awt) hotmail (dawt) com and can be found on google+ as Bennet Akkerman.

vrijdag 29 juli 2011

The Hazards of Love

This saturday I'm part of ConstanCon 2011, at GMT 19:00 and PST 11:00 I will run a short game of DnD 3.5.

For those who are not familiar with 3.5:
Pick a class, a race and roll abilities (4d6 drop lowest). We will smooth it out together.

For those who know the 3.5 system:
Create a level 2 character, roll 4d6 drop lowest for abilities, with equipment worth 300 gp.
Use these condensed skills instead of the normal ones:
Stealth (Dex) = hide + move silently
Perception (Wis) = listen + spot + search
Disable Device (Int) = disable device + open lock
Diplomacy (Cha) = diplomacy + gather information
Acrobatics (Dex) = Balance + Tumble
Linguistics (Int) = decipher script + forgery + (1 speak language per 2 ranks)

Characters are presumed to be already a group and are on the road from point A to point B, on the road Adventure happens. The adventure will at least feature talking skulls, heartbroken wizards and halucinogenic mushrooms.
The game will take around 2 hours. I can be contacted via bennetakkerman (at) hotmail (dot) com.

woensdag 27 juli 2011

occurrences in a weird forest

It's Gary Gygax's birthday. It's the first post of this blog. Let's celebrate by sharing this half of  a d100 table of occurrences in a forest. Complete table will follow later.

D100 occurrences in a weird forest:
  1. 1       A fox dances on its hind legs, disappears when noticed.
    2.       Leaves rustle, but there is no wind.
    3.       Wind blows, but the leaves don’t rustle.
    4.       A root unearths itself, tripping a character.
    5.       A frog carries a crown towards some place.
    6.       A progression of people wearing animal masks is solemnly chanting.
    7.       A silver piece is found in the liver of an animal.
    8.       Waking up, a character finds feathers braided in his/her hair.
    9.       A voice is heard singing. If the pc’s follow the voice, they have high chance of getting lost.
    10.   A wooden creature, looking similar like the Slender Man, is stalking the pc’s.
    11.   A tree is found, bearing feathers instead of leaves.
    12.   An hole is found, it seems to go on forever.
    13.   At night, pc’s can spot moving lights in the distance.
    14.   Wooden copies of the pc’s are found below a felled tree.
    15.   When cut, a tree leaks blood instead of sap.
    16.   A giant humanoid tree is found. It doesn’t move or talk. Creatures in a time stasis can communicate with it.
    17.   Upon waking up, the pc’s find their weapons dangling inches above their head.
    18.   Normal animal encounter, but the animal can only be hunted/ hurt/ killed if the pc’s rhyme.
    19.   One of the pc’s is infected by a fungus. Spends his/her day sick, at the end he/she vomits d100 sentient shroomlings.
    20.   A delicious smell leads the pc’s from the path to a set table with an enticing meal on top of it.
    21.   Branches seem to deliberately brush pc’s as they walk past.
    22.   An ugly plant is found, if consumed the eater transforms into a troll over the course of 3d10 days.
    23.   Magical animal with dark intentions.
    24.   Fey passes as human, trades magical items for body parts of the pc’s.
    25.   Part of the forest is in greytones.
    26.   Something is whispering things to the PC’s in an unknown language.
    27.   Cave feels like home.
    28.   Specific mushroom allows the eater to see through skin.
    29.   Specific berry lets the eater see dark blots instead humanoids.
    30.   At night, owl calls seem almost humanlike.
    31.   A tree of flesh and bones is found. Eating it is a bad idea.
    32.   Fey offers a service now in turn for a service performed by the pc’s in the future.
    33.   The dead dance.
    34.   Murky lake seems to beckon.
    35.   Rations have gone moldy in one day.
    36.   Familiars or animal companions (if any) seem to mistrust the pc’s for one day.
    37.   Screams are heard.
    38.   PC wakes up with memories of different person for one day.
    39.   The whispering won’t stop.
    40.   Flower vaguely looking like a woman, if eaten a male will transform into a female over the course of several days. Female gains a beautiful singing voice.
    41.   Freak weather.
    42.   Animals seen dining on dead humanoid using cutlery.
    43.   During night, roots attempt to strangle sleeping pc’s.
    44.   Pc’s can hear nothing more than birds singing.
    45.   Woodpecker bores holes in the bones of a giant.
    46.   Night is 16 hours long.
    47.   Goblin challenges pc’s to a game. Weird stakes.
    48.   Gems hatch as beetles.
    49.   Standing stone has a heartbeat.
    50.   Rations have become hard as stone.