zondag 30 september 2012

Dragon Blood table

It's been a while. Have a d20 table for what happens if people bathe in dragon's blood:

1 dragon has enough blood for 1 creature 1 size category smaller to bath in it (or 4 creatures 2 size categories smaller, and so on). The PC must be caked in blood for 1d8+1 days for the effect to take place. 

  1. PC can speak with birds, 
  2. PC can speak with nocturnal mammals. 
  3. PC can speak with diurnal mammals. 
  4. PC can speak with monotremes (good luck with that). 
  5. PC can speak with reptiles. 
  6. PC can speak with fish. 
  7. PC gets +4 against fear. Might not be blood related, but more a “I’ve just slain a dragon!” thing.
  8. PC can smell silver, gold and platinum. 
  9. PC can smell gemstones. 
  10. PC can count money in the blink of an eye. 
  11. PC knows the worth of any gemstone. 
  12. PC can eat silver, gold, platinum and electrum to regain hitpoints (1 hp per 0,5 gp). 
  13. PC can eat gemstones to regain hitpoints (1 hp per 0,5 gp worth consumed). 
  14. Upon killing something, the PC learns the name of the thing just killed. 
  15. PC can see the ultraviolet spectrum. (Birds look differently, mostly.) 
  16. PC can sense magnetic fields. 
  17. When seeing a work of art, PC knows time spent creating said piece. 
  18. PC gains it’s level in resistance against the type of damage done with the dragon’s breath weapon. 
  19. Roll twice, person next to pc chooses power. 
  20. Roll twice.