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5e Background: the Manipulative Advisor

Once, you were the real power behind the throne. By careful manipulation of diplomats, merchants, and royalty, you exerted your influence over the land. However, your web of lies and deception was exposed and you were banned, imprisoned or defeated in combat. In the latter cases you escaped or fled. Particular wise advisors might have snuck away before things got bad.

Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Persuasion
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, Forgery kit
Equipment: Disguise kit or Forgery kit, a set of once-fine clothes, a smoke-contraption*, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp or a gem worth 10 gp.

d6 You once advised:
  1. A corrupt government
  2. A doddering old king/queen
  3. A ruthless, literal monster
  4. A vicious idiot
  5. A credulous philanthrope
  6. A self-centred hedonist

Feature:  Kafkanaut

You walk with such confidence and know the right words to say in bureaucratic and royal places (or  other places of political authority) that no one will question your presence. You can command and bully servants and low-ranking clerks without problem in such places.
Most rulers are at least willing to listen to your advice and take it in serious consideration.

d8 Personality Trait
  1. You know what is best for everyone and you are not afraid to tell them.
  2. You know that the best way to stay alive is to keep your opinions to yourself and observe from the shadows.
  3. You express your ideas in such ways, people think it was theirs.
  4. You see people as pawns and love playing with them.
  5. You’re a great fan of dramatics. Nothing like a well-placed sinister laugh!
  6. You always have a back-up or escape plan.
  7. There’s this nagging doubt that selecting the Charlatan background might fit your character better. You’re not sure though, and this doubt will haunt you forever.
  8. You lick up and kick down.

d7 Ideal (If you want to use a d8, use the Soldier’s #6 Ideal as 8 in this table.)
  1. Greater Good. You have lied and deceived people, but it was all to increase welfare for the common people. (Good)
  2. Anarchy. The system is corrupt and ruling bodies can be best toppled from the inside. (Chaotic)
  3. Equality. Those born of blue blood are no more deserving to rule than any other social class. (Chaotic)
  4. The letter, not the spirit. Laws and traditions are nothing more than playthings and tools. You will use any loophole to your benefit. (Lawful)
  5. Power. It feels good to rule and no one is more fit to rule than you. (Evil)
  6. Guidance. Anyone not doing their job to the fullest can be advised and taught to be an exemplar of their occupation. You are here to help. (Good)
  7. Opportunism. The ignorant and the gullible are here for you to take advantage of. (Evil)

d6 Bond
  1. You still desire to regain your lost power over the region you once controlled. Next time, however, your rule will be felt by everyone.
  2. The land you once protected from its delusional ruler is still in the ruler’s greedy claws. You owe it to the people to dispatch this insane despot.
  3. Since you were disposed, several innocent people were put to prison
  4. You fell in love with the relative of your former ruler and would do anything to see them again.
  5. You’re still indebted to one of your associates who helped you flee the country.
  6. The person who exposed you is still somewhere, alive, mocking you. Revenge must be yours.

d6 Flaw
  1. You have a “tell” (a brooding demeanour, sneering eyes, a mirthless smile, an obvious name) which certain kinds of people (plucky heroes, loose cannon bodyguards) can use to recognize your manipulative nature. 
  2. The agents of your former country are still after you.
  3. Your willingness to wait several years before your well-crafted plan reaches fruition could easily get on your companion’s nerves.
  4. You are convinced of your intellectual superiority.
  5. You like to complicate social schemes.
  6. You research all your options before committing to a plan, even when you need to act on time.

This item could be a bomb, a fragile crystal with whirling clouds in it, a magical egg or something else. It can be thrown up to 20 feet. Smoke spreads from the point of impact within range to fill a 15-foot-radius sphere for 2 rounds. The smoke spreads around corners and counts as a heavily obscured area.

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